Parent Service Program

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Direct parent support of student events is the core of our parent service program. Families who support their children through attendance and involvement in school events are more likely to create an environment that results in higher academic achievement. Ward Traditional Academy is built on a community model that actively engages and incorporates parent involvement into the child’s education.

A minimum of 12 parent service hours per family is required every year. Six (6) service hours must be completed at a date usually around the third week in February. All hours must be completed by a date that will be determined at the start of the school year. (Both dates will be published throughout the school year in the newsletter).

Parents or guardians who wish to chaperone a field trip need to fill out the Volunteer Application every year, but once fingerprint clearance is done it is valid for three (3) years. Fingerprint clearance is required for all field trip chaperones. Applications are available in the school office and fingerprinting will be done at the district office.

Parents, grandparents, and/or siblings over the age of 18 are able to fulfill the service requirements. Other family members wishing to complete hours for the family must go to the district office and complete a volunteer application. The process requires fingerprinting of the individual and can take up to three (3) weeks to process. They then need to be accompanied by the parent, grandparent and/or sibling over the age of 18 when coming to volunteer at WTA.    

Any variance to the above policy is at the sole discretion of the WTA principal.

We are unable to allow anyone under the age of 18 who is not a student at WTA on our campus during school hours of operation. If you would like to request permission for under-age persons to attend a special event it must be approved by the principal.



Service Hour Opportunities

Every effort will be made to accommodate families in meeting their parent service requirement. However, it is the responsibility of that family to identify how and when the hours will be completed. There are several ways to complete your service hours:

  • Housed in the Parent Center, located in the front office, is the parent service hour opportunity bulletin board.This bulletin board is updated frequently with various service opportunities and sign up sheets for various events for the PTA as well as the school.
  • A family representative (see above paragraph) may volunteer on campus any school day between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Check in at the front desk to see what needs to be done.
  • Each teacher has a plastic tub located in the workroom that they will put projects in with instructions on what to do. Once you have completed the project please indicate so by writing “done” on a slip of paper and attaching it to the project so that the next person and/or teacher will know. You may do any teacher’s projects, not just your student’s teacher. Projects in the tubs are not allowed to go home unless this has been arranged with the teacher.
  • You may make arrangements with the teacher to complete projects at home.
  • Assisting in the classroom, with prior arrangement with the teacher only
  • Being the chairman of a committee through the PTA or serving on a committee
  • Assisting in the cafeteria, daily from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.; no prior sign up required
  • Assisting in the library, with prior arrangement with the Librarian
  • Co-advising a club
  • Co-advising an academic event
  • Enrichment opportunities for staff or community
  • Working on the yearbook
  • Serving on Site Council; see Principal for details
  • Research/Grant projects (see Principal for details)
  • Assisting at events sponsored by the school or PTA
  • Field trip chaperone (must complete District Volunteer Forms and Fingerprinting)
  • Serving as a PTA officer
  • Attending PTA meetings (NOTE: one service hour per family for each meeting)
  • Joining the PTA (NOTE: one service hour per family)
  • Tax credit ($50.00 equals 1 service hour stamp not to exceed $400.00 or 8 stamps per school year)


Events not Receiving Service Hour Credit

  • Music programs
  • Meet the Teacher Night
  • Curriculum Night
  • Multicultural Night
  • Athletic events
  • Additional parent-related events/meetings that may be called during the school year
  • Bringing snacks for the classroom
  • Attending classroom events, unless actually working
  • Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Service Hour Communications

Located in the parent center is the Service Hour Update Bulletin Board. During the school year this board will have the service hours of each family posted so that you may check to see how many hours you have logged in. The board will be updated periodically and will indicate the date that it was updated. Families are encouraged to check this board frequently.  Once you have completed your service hours, a letter of completion of hours will be sent home with your youngest child attending WTA.

Below you will find the two steps that you need to do to ensure that you receive credit for any service hours you complete.

Step 1 – Instructions for Documenting Your Service Hours
Each family will be issued a Ward Traditional Academy Service Card. A family may have more than one card and may obtain them from the front office. The card will be wallet size and will serve as individual record of service hours. Appointed chairpersons or a designee will be on hand at each event to sign or stamp the service cards. This should include the date and the event. It is the responsibility of the parent to collect the stamp for hours completed by the party they have helped.  For example, if you have taken home a project for the teacher, you must have the teacher stamp your service hour card for the time completed.

Step 2 – Instructions for Logging in Your Service Hours
Parents or guardians will have the ability to log in their hours throughout the entire year. Parents are asked to leave their card in the locked mailbox in the parent center so it can be logged into the computer system. You will not get your card back, but it will be kept on file. You then can get a new card from the front office. It is very important that you:

  • Place your youngest child’s name on the front of the card.
  • Log your hours in periodically throughout the year, because if you lose your card we won’t be able to replace those hours.

All service hours must be “logged in”; doing so provides proof in case of a stolen or lost card that service hours were completed, as well as allowing staff to monitor the progress of completion. It is the sole responsibility of the parent to ensure their hours are logged. Hours not logged will show an inaccurate account of family service hours. Hours will not be credited for lost cards, so please be sure to turn your card in frequently to ensure credit, and keep your card in a safe place. Remember it is okay to have more than one card.

Download and print the Parent Contract.