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Conn_Dress Code Group_2980_680x308Connolly Middle School Dress Code

The Connolly Middle School dress code is designed with modesty, simplicity, safety, efficiency and comfort in mind. The dress code applies to students on campus before, during and after school. Students are not to change clothes on campus unless given permission to do so by a staff member. The dress code also applies to Connolly Middle School students attending school-sponsored events off campus unless otherwise indicated by administration. Students who are unsure whether a particular outfit or article of clothing falls inside the dress code should bring the clothing in to the Principal for pre-approval. The dress code for specific, school-sponsored activities will be announced in a timely manner prior to the activity, and students who are out of Dress Code for such events will not be allowed to participate. Students who are out of Dress Code for off-campus or after school events will be subject to on-campus consequences. The specifics of the dress code for these school-sponsored activities will be appropriate for the activity and will reflect the spirit of the Connolly Middle School dress code: modesty and harmony with the Code of Conduct.

All students will be required to adhere to the Connolly Middle School Dress Code when attending school. Students who violate the Dress Code are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension. Students who violate the Dress Code repeatedly demonstrate disrespect for the school and for their peers who follow the Dress Code.

Dress Code Colors:
Shirts: Solid white, solid blue, solid purple, solid yellow/gold, solid black, solid gray. No decorations/designs. No stripes or patterns.Conn_Dress Code_2982_400x

Bottoms: Solid khaki, solid navy, solid black, or solid blue denim. No decorations/designs. No stripes or patterns.

Shirts shall be worn as follows:
•    Polo, golf, or button down oxford shirt with short or long sleeves and a plain collar.    
•    Turtleneck or mock turtlenecks are acceptable. 
•    Torso (midriff) must be covered when arms are raised. No tying or pinning of shirts.
•    Colored T-shirts or other garments worn under the shirt must not show through or be exposed.  No camisoles, or tank shirts are to be exposed.  Only solid white crew-neck undershirts are permitted to show. It is important for our students not to interrupt the educational environment by wearing distracting or revealing clothing.  
•    No other colors, decorations, logos, etc. are allowed unless specifically approved by the school. (i.e., Student Council, NJHS, etc.).
•    Any official Connolly Middle School shirt may be worn on designated days (example: Spirit Days).

Outerwear shall be worn as follows:
•     Dress for Success shirt color sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom.  
•    Jackets, coats or other outerwear are exempt from color requirements but must otherwise conform to the dress code and may not be worn tied around the waist.  Outerwear that does not conform to the color requirements shall be worn ONLY outdoors during cooler weather.
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Bottoms shall be worn as follows:
•    Slacks, walking shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, or jumpers shall be twill, cotton or denim material.
•    All skirts, skorts, shorts, and dresses must measure no higher than 3 inches above the knee.
•    No sweat pants, stretch fabric, leggings, baggy pants, hip huggers, low ride or sag are permitted.
•    All bottom apparel must be of reasonable length and size (no more than one size larger than the student’s normal waist and length size) and must be hemmed.
•    Undergarments worn under the bottom apparel must not show through or be exposed.     
•    Corduroy slacks/skirts in dress code colors may be worn in cold weather.
•    Belts, if worn must be black, brown, navy or khaki with no emblem, logo or decoration and must be visible. The end of the belt when extended from the buckle must not dangle more than two (2) inches below the beltline.

Other Dress Code Regulations:
•    Students and clothing must be clean and well groomed.
•    Students must wear a CMS lanyard and ID visible at the neckline at all times. If a student loses his/her ID, they need to report to their first period and receive a sticker ID for the day. The student is then responsible for replacing the missing ID. Students can purchase replacements in the library, during first period. An ID is $5, a lanyard is $2, and an ID Cover is $1. If a student is unable to purchase an ID due to financial reasons, that student can work on campus, one time, each semester, to pay for the ID, lanyard, and cover. Students who repeatedly refuse or fail to comply with this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
•    No oversized, over wide, sagging or tight, form fitting clothing. No writing on apparel.
•    No see-through clothing.
•    No hats of any type are permitted (including bandanas, scarves, “doo-rags”, “hoodies” or hairnets) other than hats worn outside during cold weather.
•    No sunglasses.

•    No neckwear (ties, bow-ties).

•    No jewelry that could cause injury or disrupt the educational environment, such as long earrings or facial jewelry. No body piercing other than appropriate earrings. No visible tattoos, writing or other marks on exposed skin.

•    No make up or fragrance that is distracting or disruptive to the learning environment. 
•    Appropriate and safe shoes must be worn at all times. Bedroom slippers are not permitted. Socks must be appropriate and not distract from the educational environment.
•    New students have one week from the date of enrollment to begin following the dress code. In the interim, the student will be provided with a set of loaner clothes to wear during the school day. The student will be required to change into and out of the loaner uniform every morning and afternoon in the health office.
•    Parents or guardians may request an exemption from the dress code policy by submitting a written request to the school principal on the basis of religious, medical or other justifiable reason.
•    School teachers and administrative staff have the authority to determine the appropriateness of any student’s dress. Parents will be contacted in the case of a student’s inappropriate dress and the discipline guidelines for insubordination and/or disruption of the educational process in the student handbook will be followed.  We appreciate your cooperation in monitoring your child’s dress.

Connolly Middle School Dress For Success Guidelines for Disciplinary Alternatives
1. Students who repeatedly refuse or fail to comply with the dress code policy will be subject to progressive disciplinary action. If a student is dress coded 3 times, they will receive 3 days of lunch detention. Six times will result in 1 day of ISI, and so on. 

2. For those who qualify, Connolly’s Dress for Success clothing will be available through the district clothing bank or through the Connolly Parent Resource Center. Please contact our school's community liaison (ext. 4912) or social worker (ext. 4862). 

In addition to this dress code, any and all student dress requirements already enforced or enacted by the Tempe Elementary School District must also be observed.

Connolly Dress Code