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Positive Discipline at Fees College Preparatory Middle School


Fees College Preparatory Middle School implements a system to establish school-wide behavioral expectations for all students. With school-wide behavioral expectations, instructional time is increased as problematic behaviors are kept to a minimum. This system is called Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS).  PBIS focuses on four behavioral expectations to be demonstrated consistently across our campus. All students are taught what is expected of them regarding their behaviors. Included in the PBIS process is a positive reward system for students who display the desired expectations.

The four behavioral expectations at Fees College Preparatory for our students to show are:
Fearless        Integrity         Responsible         Excellence

These expectations will be referred to on campus as “on FIRE”. See below for the Fees College Preparatory Middle School Behavior Matrix.

Positive Reward System

  • Golden Tickets – earned by students daily and can be turned in for a variety of rewards/opportunities
  • BonFire Invitation – earned every four and half weeks to attend a special event. Received for meeting behavioral and attendance expectations
    Positive Referral - earned by students who demonstrate exemplary FIRE behaviors
  • Red Honor Roll – earned quarterly for achieving a 3.70 GPA or higher, earns a "Dress Down" pass
  • Gold Honor Roll – earned quarterly for achieving a 4.0 GPA, earn special lunch privileges and a "Dress Down" pass

Leveled Consequences
Fees College Preparatory is committed to working with our parents/guardians to minimize the loss of instructional time.  It is our intention to work with each student to achieve their personal best.  Therefore, we will work one on one with students first to correct their own behavior. If we are unable to make the progress needed to keep instruction moving in the classroom, we will be in contact with parents when a Level 2 or Level 3 is issued. The three levels of consequences are listed below.

Level 1: 

  • Earned by a student that is disrupting the learning environment or who has broken a minor rule
  • Student receive a “Level 1 Consequence” form which is completed in the classroom
  • The student will have a conference with the teacher to discuss the issue

Level 2: 

  • Earned by a student that continues to disrupt the learning environment and already has received two (2) Level 1 consequences
  • Students receive a "Level 2 Consequence" form, which is completed in the classroom
  • The parent/guardian will receive a phone call or e-mail the day a Level 2 Consequence is issued
    The "Level 2 Consequence" form will be sent home with the student day of the incident

Level 3: 

  • Earned by a student that has a major infraction of a school rule or has moved through Level 1 and Level 2
  • Administration will intervene and district disciplinary action be assigned
  • The parent/guardian will be contacted and expected to come to the school for a meeting with an administrator

How Parents can Support FCPMS FIRE
We ask that you take time to review this information with your child in order to make your child’s school experience positive.   If you have any questions regarding our PBIS, please do not hesitate to contact one of the building administrators. 

Fees College Preparatory Middle School Behavior Matrix

Fees College Preparatory Middle School received the 2018 Merit Award from the PBISAz Achievement Awards.