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Do students wear uniforms?

Please review the dress code link on the left side of the page. 

Do students dress out for Physical Education?

Students wear athletic shoes and appropriate clothing to work out in PE.

Do students use the gym locker rooms?

No. Students do not use the gym locker rooms.

Do students have to eat in the cafeteria for lunch?

Students choose where they wish to eat for lunch, inside or outside at the picnic tables. Students have 40 minutes to exercise, eat, use the restroom, socialize, and get a drink. We work hard to keep our campus clean!

Are students able to go on the fields at lunchtime?

Yes, Tempe Academy students have access to the fields during the lunch period. Next year students will have access to open gym in our gymnasium. The Media Space will also be opened for students who wish to study and complete school assignments.

Do you offer after school clubs?

Yes, we offer multiple after school clubs and we will be advertising which clubs are available when school starts next year.

Are students required to wear their school ID’s on campus?

Yes. All students are required to wear their student ID each and every day.

When will we receive our student schedule?

All students will pick up their schedules the week before school starts. Details and information are mailed out in July.

Do you have school dances?

Yes, Tempe Academy students love to have school dances. We have at least one dance a quarter.

Do you have Student Council?

Yes, but we call it Student Action Committee. We have officers and representatives from each class.

Do you recognize students who work hard to achieve great results?

Yes! We recognize students throughout the school year for their hard work, dedication, and achievement.