"Explore, Play, Learn – The Journey Begins Here."

 That is our preschool mission, and it encompasses the heartbeat of our school. Getz specializes in services for students who have developmental delays. We have a variety of classes designed to meet the needs of students ages 3-5 with a wide range of delays along with typically developing peers. Most of our classes have 11 students with delays along with 5 typical peers. Getz is the starting point for any TD3 student age 3 to 4.9 with any suspected delay. We partner with families to identify student strengths and areas of concern and then develop and implement a plan to address those needs.  We have one class for students ages 3-14 who are medically fragile with severe delays. Our peers not only learn all they need for kindergarten but they also learn rich life lessons about compassion, understanding, and getting along with others who are at different ages and stages of development.

All Getz, teachers are certified in Special Education and Early Childhood with most having Masters Degrees. Young children learn best through exploration, play and intentionally designed learning activities. The teaching of pre-reading, pre-writing, and math skills are incorporated in well-designed developmentally appropriate lessons. In preschool, the process is so much more than the product. A simple activity such as painting a pink heart can incorporate discussions about identifying/mixing colors, size, shape, measurement, counting, shades of colors, problem solving etc.. Our teachers are experts at crafting a learning environment in which all children can learn and be successful.

Keep watching our website to learn about the new and exciting plans we have for our Special Education Preschool Program.


Julie Bartanen, Principal