About Our School

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  • All students and staff interact and positively reinforce each other.

  • Learners of all ages are provided a variety of opportunities to reach their full potential.

  • Caregivers are actively involved in their students' educational programs, daily care, and leisure-time activities.

  • The uniqueness and strengths of each student, their families, and our staff is important.

TD3 Preschool Vision

To be a safe, nurturing and accepting community school where all students are challenged to learn and be prepared for success in kindergarten.

TD3 Preschool Mission

Explore, Play, Learn
The Journey Begins Here


We profess a commitment to preschool children and their families to work together to provide a positive introduction to the world of learning for young children. Our preschool is developmental in nature and is designed to enhance each child's emerging self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning. Each child is viewed as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth and development. The curriculum and adults' interactions are responsive to individual difference in ability and interest. Adults believe there is often more than one right answer. Adults recognize that children learn from self-directed problem-solving, experimentation and direct teaching. Children are provided concrete learning activities with materials and people relevant to their own life experiences. Recognizing the greater system in which the child exists, home and family, assistance is provided to parents through meetings, information sharing, and training. The staff works in partnership with parents by communicating regularly to build mutual understanding and to provide greater consistency for children. Parent meetings address common issues of early childhood development. We are dedicated to providing a preschool that is a safe place for children to be nurtured and successful. We will provide opportunities for children prior to kindergarten to participate in learning and development of verbal skills, language acquisition, motor skills, pre-literacy skills, beginning math concepts, social skills, problem solving skills, and self-confidence.