School Safety

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Tempe Elementary School District is committed to keeping all children safe while they are in our care.  Whether they are riding on our buses, playing on our playgrounds or learning in our classrooms, our employees are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and safe environment.



in the event of a lockdown, evacuation or other similar activity taking place at  school. During a critical event, the primary responsibility of school staff, district staff and emergency responders is to keep the campus and its occupants safe while the situation is resolved.  People gathered outside, can themselves be at risk, and may distract us from our primary duty of student safety.  Students will be released only after we receive the "all clear" from higher authority.

If you hear of a possible situation on or near campus, please return to this website for information.

Our staff regularly practices evacuations, lock down procedures, and fire drills.  These drills are designed to provide our teachers and staff with the knowledge and tools to protect their students and themselves in the case of an emergency.

While we can never predict when a critical event may occur, we strive to be ready to take immediate action, use the safety procedures we have established, and protect our students and staff.