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Welcome to Meyer Montessori, a school that nurtures and develops the “Whole Child” both developmentally as well as academically! Let the journey begin!

I am honored to be the principal at Meyer Montessori! I have passion for teaching and early childhood education. I believe in nurturing the “Whole Child” and creating learning experiences where students can explore and learn. Please read about our school and the many ways we will nurture your child’s social and academic development.

Meyer Montessori provides a unique learning experience for all of our students. Our educational environment is built around a classroom community of early learners. Our multi-age grouping (ages 3-6) and ages (ages 6-9) allows students to work at their own developmental level and select their journey for learning. We believe that all students are gifted and together we nurture each student’s individual learning needs by offering a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning.

We nurture the “Whole Child” in the Children’s House (ages 3-6) by providing a curriculum that focuses on Practical Life Skills, Grace and Courtesy, Sensory Studies, Cultural Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Reading and Writing Development, and The Arts. Learning occurs in the most natural environment where students will have multiple opportunities to explore, create, and personalize their learning.

Lower Elementary (ages 6-9) focuses on “The Five Great Lessons.” The Five Great Lessons include:

  • First Great Lesson: Coming of the Universe and the Earth

  • Second Great Lesson: Coming of Life

  • Third Great Lesson: Coming of Human Beings

  • Fourth Great Lesson: Communication in Signs

  • Fifth Great Lesson: The Story of Numbers

The elementary child is introduced to large concepts – the largest of all being the beginning of the universe. The children learn how smaller ideas and concepts fit into the larger framework as they explore the world around them.

Our school community is inclusive and provides learning experiences that will help guide our students to become independent learners, higher-level thinkers, and make learning come alive by participating in real life learning experiences. The students at Meyer Montessori are intrinsically motivated to succeed and learn. Learning occurs through a naturalistic approach by having students experience natural and logical consequences as they develop as leaders within their learning community.

Parents are an integral part of our school. Families are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s educational journey. As a learning community, parents will be expected to learn side by side with their child as well as supporting their child as they grow socially, developmentally and academically.

Our goal is to create a solid foundation for learning that nurtures your child’s academic growth and social development. Thank you for visiting our website and learning about how special and unique our school is. We are excited to have you be a part of our learning community.


Colleen Martin, Principal